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All glory to the hypno toad
Ninja pirate

This weekend I discovered that I’m not all that crap at bowling. I thought I was but I’m not, and that gives me reason to be joyous. I like late night bowling, many, many games for a mere tenner.  And they played Barbie Girl by Aqua AND they had flashing lights. It was a bowler disco and it was ace. I even got strikes, yes STRIKES, as in more than one.

Yesterday I went shopping with Amy and brought the SIMS 2, I will waste many hours of my life controlling the small computerised dudes. Well… ya know, they can surf and stuff so their lives are far more interesting than mine.

I’m going to the gym tomorrow, to start my New Years keep fit regime.

My dad brought me tickets to Lostprophets and Taking Back Sunday in April (Emo, ya!) – This means that we’ll be staying in some form of London hotel and I will be able to indulge in some massive squee session at the whole situation. Yeah, alright I’ll be going with my dad, but he’s cool so it’s okay. I don’t think I’d have such a varied music taste if it wasn’t for him I mean he’s taken me to or paid for most of the gigs I’ve ever been to. 

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I went to the pub and got hammered. Happily :)

Bet you never thought you'd hear me say this again but... MEN ARE EVIL!!!

To one of the few people who I thought ever loved me... love you lez x x x

*goes to sleep*

Men are evil. I totally agree. Even if not all of them are TOTALLY evil they're still confusing at the best of times!

Loves you too sexy-bum.

*tries to wake up*

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